Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What disease do you have? How do you manage it and how did you get healthy.

A. Please read my full health transformation post HERE and then read the follow-up post HERE.


Q. When you call for coconut milk in a recipe, do you use the can or the carton in the refrigerated section?

A. I always use full-fat coconut milk from the can, unless otherwise noted. The type in the carton is designed to be a beverage and shelf-stable, thus requiring a ton of additives and stripping the good fat and nutrients that come from the whole coconut milk in the can. Natural Value brand is BPA-free and also does not contain any guar-gum. I also use Native Forest or Whole Food's Organic 365 brand.


Q. What type of almond flour do you use? Is it the same as almond meal?

A. I always use a blanched, finely ground almond flour. My favorites are Honeyville Farms and WellBee. Bob's Redmill is too coarse and will cause soggy baked goods. Almond meal is different from almond flour as it contains skins and is typically more coarsely ground. I find that almond meal is good for breading things but not good for baked goods. For more information on Almond Flour, Click Here.


Q. Can I substitute coconut flour for the almond flour in recipes?

A. No, coconut flour is much more absorbent and will call for a different ratio than the almond flour. I suggest you stick to recipes that are developed specially for only using coconut flour.


Q. Can I substitute other nut flours for the almond flour?

A. Yes, as long as they are blanched and very finely ground. I suggest macadamia or cashew flour for the most similar results.


Q. I cannot eat nuts, is there a good alternative to the almond flour in your recipes?

A. Finely ground and sifted sunflower seeds are a great sub and sunflower butter for almond/cashew butter. You will need to cut the baking soda in the recipe by half and add 2x the amount of cream of tarter to add an acidic ingredient to keep it from turning green from the chlorophyl (see this article) So if the recipe calls for 1tsp of baking soda, do 1/2 tsp baking soda + 1 tsp cream of tarter. Alternatively, many find that cassava flour is a good substitute, however, I personally do not tolerate it.


Q. I see cassava flour popping up in a lot of Paleo recipes lately, but you do not use it. Why is that?

A. I have chosen to avoid cassava for now because I find I do not tolerate it well. I'm not exactly sure why I don't digest it well but my guess is because it's very starchy (double the carbs of a sweet potato) which can be problematic for people with gut issues. The root also has relatively high levels of amylose, which can also be difficult to digest.


Q. I notice that you have started using arrowroot powder more frequently than before, why is that? And is it the same thing as tapioca starch?

A. After avoiding arrowroot for many years while my gut was healing, I have found that I can now tolerate it in small amounts. I started using it in an effort to create more nut-free recipes for those who have allergies and are not able to use my almond or cashew based recipes. Tapioca and arrowroot come from two different sources. Tapioca comes from Cassava and I do not tolerate either well. However, tapioca and arrowroot can easily be substituted for one another if you tolerate one over the other better.


Q. What is palm shortening and what is a good substitute?

A. Palm shortening is derived from palm oil and is not hydrogenised, and contains no trans fats. I use palm shortening as a butter substitute in my baked goods recipes. It has a firm texture and a high melting point, creating fluffy and cake-like delights. Be sure to purchase this oil from sustainable and eco-friendly sources, such as Tropical Traditions or Spectrum (labeled Vegetable Shortening). Unsalted grass-fed butter may be used as a substitute if you can tolerate dairy.


Q. Is there a difference between coconut sugar and coconut crystals?

A. Palm sugar, coconut sugar, and coconut crystals can be used interchangeably. They are produced from the sap of the flower buds of the coconut palm tree. They have been used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years and have a very low glycemic index. You can find it at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or even Costco. See my favorite brand here.


Q. You talk about SCD a lot. What is it and what is the difference between SCD and Paleo?

A. SCD stands for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Read more about it on the Breaking the Vicious Cycle website. The diets are very similar, but there are some significant differences. I followed the SCD for a couple of years before realizing that I needed to limit certain types of dairy, all legumes, and focus on consuming pasture raised meats.

Suggested Reading: Practical Paleo Diane Sanfilippo and The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain



Suggested Reading: Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet by Elaine Gloria Gottschall


Q. You say you are Paleo, but I still you see you post recipes and photos using dairy. Is it ok to eat dairy?

A. I believe that there is no 1-fits-all diet and that everyone needs to access where you are at in their healing journey and how your individual body reacts to certain foods. I eliminated dairy for quite a few months before being able to add it back into my diet in moderation. We enjoy goat cheese and raw, organic cow's milk cheese from time to time. I personally cannot tolerate milk or cream in any form and keep the cheese to a 3 times a week maximum.


Q. Can I substitute almond butter or sunbutter for the cashew butter in some of your recipes?

A. Yes, but the texture, color and flavor will all vary.


Q. What type of supplements do you take?

A. I cannot legally provide any medical information, including my supplement list. My naturopath, Dr. Melody Wong, did a series of posts on gut health and naturopathy which you can find overall supplement information. Read those posts by Clicking Here. I strongly suggest finding an ND in your area if you struggle with any intestinal issues and are not seeing full relief from your diet changes.


Q. Where can I hear more of your story?

A. I have appeared on many television shows and podcasts to share more of my story in depth. You can view or hear them here. I also write a lot about my health journey in both of my cookbooks which you can find here.


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127 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

Unfortunately due to the volume, Danielle is not able to answer every question,
comment, substitution inquiry, or provide nutritional information
  1. Marcia

    Hello Danielle,

    I am a southern girl – who loves sweet tea – but as the years have passed – I switched from sugar in my tea to Splenda (I know this is not good for me) and just unsweet tea – but wanted to see what do you suggest to sweeten tea for this southern girl –

    Thank You,

  2. Tre

    I dislike all coconut products…the scent, taste, and texture make me want to gag. So paleo diet seems challenging for me.

    Other than extra virgin olive oil, what other oil alternatives are paleo friendly?

    Can I substitute almond milk in recipes calling for coconut milk?

    • Against All Grain

      Coconut milk is very thick and much higher in fat than almond milk so it may change the consistency drastically depending on the recipe. As for oils, you can buy an expeller-pressed coconut oil from Tropical Traditions that has no trace of a coconut scent or flavor. Their palm shortening also does not taste like it at all

  3. Lori Carroll

    Hi Danielle! I’m a huge fan, and can’t wait till your book comes out!!

    I’ve been paleo for about 5 months now (and lovin’ it!), and have been “paleofying” some recipes I have that were ones I loved, but now I’m not loving some of the ingredients 😉

    My question is this… if a recipe calls for, say, 1/4 cup of sugar, can I replace this with an equal amount of honey? I didn’t know if the ratio was 1:1 just like it is for regular flour versus almond flour.

    The other question I have is what can I replace a “reduced fat baking/biscuit mix” (along the lines of Bisquick) with? The recipe already contains all purpose flour (which I was planning to replace with almond flour). Should I just sub with more almond flour?

    Thank you… and thanks a million for your wonderful blog, FB page, and amazing recipes!!! They have helped make my paleo journey super stupid easy!!!

    • Jenny

      I know that biscuit mixes have some sort of leavening agent. I would google or pintrest how to make your own Bisquick and find out what the ingredients are. You can sub in from there as necessary.

    • Julia

      Usually when you substitute honey for regular sugar, you use about half, but you also need to reduce total liquids. So if your recipe calls for 1/4 cup sugar, I’d try 2 Tablespoons of honey, and reduce any liquids by 2 T as well. It will take some trial and error.

  4. Dodie McNulty

    Thank you VERY much for the zuchini bread. It is sooo good. Our favorite. We have run into a problem
    The middle of the bread is not getting “done” even though we have baked it 10 to 15 mins longer. We
    are using one silicone bread pan for the entire recipe. Do you recommend any particular type baking pans?
    The 1st two times were perfect, but the last 3 times have the center quite undone. Could it be the pans??? OR
    do you have another suggestion???
    Thank you so much. Can’t wait for your new book!!

    • Against All Grain

      It could be the pan. Try baking it at a lower temperature for a longer time.

      • Dodie

        Thank you soooo much D. It worked, we did the bread at 300 for 1 1/2 hour & it was GOOOOD!

  5. emily

    Hi Danielle

    I gave up sugar in most form’s a few months back.

    Many of your recipes call for honey , i’m just wondering what your thoughts are on xylitol and argave?
    You read such mixed things , i thought you could shed some light for me.

    • Dana

      I’m just a visitor but–

      I have heard mixed things about xylitol. Some say it’s OK for you, some say it’s a health risk. If it were me trying it for the first time, I’d make sure what I got was non-GMO, and then get it in as small an amount as possible and monitor my reaction.

      I wouldn’t use agave on a bet. Way too high in fructose, which is dangerous for your liver.

    • Bethann

      I sometimes use dates or concentrated frozen fruit juice to sweeten. You have to play around with it to find what sweetness level/flavor you like, but it may be an alternative for you, since you are avoiding sugars.

  6. Britt

    Hi Danielle,

    I have digestive issues that lead me to SCD about a year and a half ago (was SO happy to find your blog recently!). I had done this as a pescatarian and and modified here and there to better suit me. I’m oh-so much better than where I started but am still not feeling fully healed so am tweaking thing, including adding pasture raised meats and reducing natural sugars further with minimal fruit. So what I’m doing is looking a little more towards paleo. But I’m still researching and experimenting to figure out what works. One of my problems lately is that no matter what I eat, I am always feeling so starving that I feel ill, which leads me to overeat and feel more ill. I have a few questions, first, has this happened to you and how have you dealt with that? Also do you do SCD yogurt, and how does it work for you? And finally, could you give me an example of what you typically eat in a day? I’m feeling very overwhelmed with figuring out a new daily roadmap of food that satisfies my hunger without making me feel sick (or gain a bunch if weight) with my recent changes and would love to know what you do.

    Thanks so much for any insight you have!

    • Against All Grain

      The SCD yogurt bothered my stomach at the beginning so I used a supplemental probiotic instead. I could likely add it in at this point in my healing but I don’t really care for it nor have the time to make it much anymore! I think I remember being hungry a lot and I just snacked all day long. A few nuts, apples, beef jerky. Those will all help!

  7. Karen

    Hi…….. in the effort to make you not feel too vulnerable… here is my site… which I NEVER post on because I have no time.. lol but you can read MY story and see my fat pictures…. 🙂 Someday in my dreams, I want to post more about my journeys, and I have a big idea to help people get started paleo… but I need a little time to get that done. Its on my to do list! I have several photography clients who want to be my first customers.. but we are in a hole at the moment and cant get out. But anyways… I linked my website there! Hope you enjoy the read!

  8. Janet Patterson

    I love your recipes but cannot use honey or maple syrup due to diabetes. What do you suggest instead? Many thanks and congratulations on your book. Good luck on your tour.

    • Against All Grain

      It really depends on what the recipe is. Do you have a specific recipe in mind?

  9. Morgen

    You have an inspiring story. I appreciate your honesty and information. You have a beautiful family and story and some great recipes! I have not had the terrible experiences you have had, but do have chronic diverticulitis among other digestive disorders. It has caused me several hospital stays, pity but not help from docs and recently losing about a foot of my diseased colon. I have had several doctors tell me that they “just don’t know what causes such digestive problems”. It’s been frustrating, but I have done my own research and food investigation and have become very interested in Paleo. However, I wanted to ask you specifically if you have done any research or experimenting with food combining or food grouping? Everything I have read, makes so much sense as to how we eat. This simple way of eating has taken my symptoms away completely. I feel much better than I ever have. I’ve lost about 35 pounds in the process. I don’t eat dairy or processed foods. But the main thing to remember is to never, ever eat a protein with a starch (potato, carrot, pasta, bread, etc.) It’s just the way our body digests the two, that causes problems (especially for people with colitis, diverticulosis, etc.). Of course eating lots of fiber is a must. Do your recipes or Paleo in general, have lots of fiber or does it just depend on the recipe? Do you have many recipes that won’t have a protein and a starch together? I’m excited to see more recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  10. donna

    Can you recommend an ice cream maker? I do not have the attachment or a mixer as you mention in your book. Thanks!

  11. Lisa

    First off, LOVE the cookbook! Made the orange chicken last night, awesome! My question is: I noticed you use a lot of cashews and pecans in your recipes. My daughter is allergic to both of those nuts, but not almonds or hazelnuts. Can these other nuts be used as substitutes? Example: For the clam chowder recipe it calls for cashews, can another nut be substituted and get the same results?

    Thank you so much for this cookbook!

    • Against All Grain

      I haven’t tried it with that exact recipe, but I’m sure it would work! The taste may be a little different but it’s worth a try 🙂

  12. Megan

    I just bought your cookbook and I am so excited to try it! Is there a non- nut flour I can use in place of the almond flour and meal? My son is severely allergic to nuts. Thank you!

  13. Michelle

    Hi Danielle,

    I’ve been looking throughout your site, and I can’t find anywhere (I of course may have missed it) but I was wondering what yogurt maker you use. I’m anxiously wanting to make the coconut milk yogurt in your cookbook and need to buy one, my little girl loved yogurt prior going GF/CF and then SCD. I’ve checked some out online but the reviews can be wacky, and feel comfortable using something that you yourself use. So any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  14. Lulu

    I am new to paleo..very new!!!….. and yours is the first cookbook I’ve purchased! I’m curious as to why you don’t list calories per serving for the recipes? I’m counting calories in an effort to lose weight and am not sure how to make this work without that info provided in the recipes.

    • Against All Grain

      I hope to eventually include a supplemental nutrition guide on my site but it is very time consuming and I don’t have the resources right now. The best thing to do is plug in the ingredients into a nutrition calculator either online or through a phone app.

  15. Shannon

    Hi Danielle! Thank you for simplifying my life and inspiring me to love cooking again! Now all I need is a dish-fairy! Ha ha! I wanted to ask if you could tell us all about how you manage this diet when traveling or staying with out of town friends/family? I will be going to stay with my inlaws in Hawaii for two weeks this fall and while I’m super excited, I’m also unsure about what I should take with me (perhaps coconut flour and almond flour? Definitely your cookbook!) and what I can do to make my dietary needs less stressful in a new place, with new people. Thank you so much!

  16. Danielle

    Hi Danielle –

    Quick question – is it ok to substitute coconut oil for palm shortening in your cookie recipes? I want to bake up some of the n’oatmeal ones from the book, but couldn’t find palm shortening at my local grocery.


    • Against All Grain

      Unsalted butter or ghee would work much better! They’re supposed to be chewy and coc oil won’t do that.

  17. Krista

    Hi Danielle,

    Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.

    After several trips to the ER with my daughter (from 2 – 5 months old at the time), we were told she had colic. At 5 months old, she classified as a failure to thrive baby; she was vastly underweight, she vomited constantly, she slept, on average, four hours out of every 24 hour period, she was passing blood with her bowel movements. She had no hair, no teeth… She was very, very ill. Finally, at 6 months old, and in consultation with a specialist and a naturopath we changed her diet. Now, at 16 months old, she is thriving.

    That said, she cannot have any nuts, cows milk, rice or gluten. What can I substitute for ghee, and nut butters? Also, raw ground, and sifted sunflower seeds will work instead of almond flour, but can I use pumpkin seeds as well?

    Many thanks!

    • Against All Grain

      Hi Krista – So happy to hear your little girl is doing better. I’m sure pumpkin seeds will work fine, as long as they are very finely ground. Sunflower butter for nut butter, but switch the baking soda to baking powder. Ghee can be subbed for coconut oil and palm shortening.

  18. Michelle

    Hi Danielle,

    I tried asking this but don’t know what happened to my question. I just wanted to know if you can recommend a yogurt maker. My daughter used to love yogurt prior to going SCD and GF/CF, and now that I’ve got your cookbook I am anxious to try and make your recipe of the coconut milk yogurt. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

  19. Mary Beth Love

    Love your cookbook. I tolerate dairy just fine and I was wondering if I could substitute full fat milk in place of the coconut or almond milk in your recipes?

  20. Artis

    I can’t have honey or maple syrup. As a liquid sweetener what do you know do brown rice syrup. Thank you

  21. Adrienne

    What Is a good coconut flour you recommend? Also when doing GF cooking do you need to always use GF baking soda and baking powder?

    • Against All Grain

      I like both coconut secret and lets do organic brands! Baking soda is gf but check baking powder carefully. There’s usually a grain or starch added

  22. Aimee

    Hi there! I tried making your sandwich bread last night and I realized after I started that my pan was too big. So it turned out kinda short. lol. I looked online for a glass pan that is 8.5×4.5 and I cannot find one. where did you get your pan?? Thank you for writing your book! We are LOVING it!

  23. Iris Seltzer

    I just made your sandwich bread. It’s amazing!!!! I had eggs with toast for dinner tonight — so happy. Thank you. I look forward to your book signing in NYC.

  24. Dodie McNulty

    I HAVE YOUR BOOK -FANTASTIC. Question: Can you use YEAST with Almond Flour bread recipes? I know it is wheat based, but if I can tolerate a wee bit of wheat–wouldn’t the yeast make a better pizza crust and in breads??? I follow the NO GRAINS & feel much better, but also find that a bit of wheat does not bother me. Thank YOU so much…Dodie

  25. Catheryne Harsh

    Hi Danielle,
    Your blog is beautiful and encouraging! I have been struggling with Crohn’s and other autoimmune issues for years and am only in my early 20’s. I come from a family of conventional medicine doctors, so my family is freaking out when I tell them I want to get off Remacaid and other meds and treat my condition naturally. Question, I have a professor I trust who raves about raw milk, and I have been using it to make the SCD yogurt. I noticed you occasionally use raw milk products, but it is clearly very controversial. I would love to know your opinion. Some say NO dairy (pasteurized or raw ) as there is a link between MAP bacteria (spread through cows) and Crohn’s, but others swear by the healing abilities of the enzymes in raw milk. I could use an outside opinion as Alabama is very closed to anything of the sort.

    Best wishes to you and your family! Also, my boyfriend saw the cover of your book and he said, “Wow, she looks happy.” I said yeah, you should hear her story. She is better!

  26. Angela

    Hi Danielle. Thanks for your fabulous website! My husband gets migraines from almonds – you have suggested substitutes for almond flour but we are wondering if there is a good substitute for almond milk?

  27. Heather

    Hi, Danielle, I love you cookbook, but I have questions about substitutions. I’m having difficulty finding coconut crystals and palm shortening in my small town, even at the natural foods store. Is there anything easier to find that I can substitute for these in your recipes?

  28. Lyane

    Just purchased your book; really inspiring as I have been eating grain free for a whiile now. You have given me options for things I did not think I could make any more.

    I made the sandwich bread loved the taste but it did not rise enough to make a sandwich. What did I do wrong? If I double the recipe and book in same size loaf pan, will that work?

  29. Suzi B.

    My hubby has recently been diagnosed with grain allergies, nightshade allergies, and coconut allergy.

    Any suggestions on substitute for coconut flour? Would tapioca work?

  30. Leah

    Hi Danielle,
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes– and the book is laid out beautifully!
    Some of your recipes call for wine. Can you recommend an apt alcohol-free substitute?

  31. Michele

    Hi Danielle-
    Just bought your cookbook and started transitioning to paleo this weekend. So far I love the food. I just made your pumpkin spice muffins and they smell heavenly but they did not “pour” into the pan. They were more like cookie dough. I am sure they will taste just fine but wondering if I did anything wrong??

  32. April Pyle

    Have you tried the anyhony’s blanched almond flour? It is priced better and for a five lb bag, and free shipping at Amazon, it brings it down to 7.59 a pound. Honeyville and Digestive Wellness run just under 10.00 per pound. I’m also considering switching to regular rather than organic eggs for my breads. at 5 eggs per loaf, that gets pretty expensive.

  33. Jeanne Lloyd

    I ordered your cookbook and made the “real deal choclate chip cookies” and loved them! I am new to the paleo and glutten free lifestyle by choice at age 74. I have always been health conscience and because I have arthritis pain that comes from inflamation, I feel so much better not eating wheat, off all grains for 1 month now. I made the “world famous bread from your cookbook and loved the way it cooks up so fluffy.(A previous attempt to back grainless bread from another cookbook turned out oily and very dense and I couldn’t handle the way it smelled. The one thing that I am wondering is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to the way these breads smell?

  34. Jeanne Lloyd

    Your story is so inspiring and your courage and success is awesome. Thank you for writting such a wonderful cookbook!

    I ordered your cookbook and made the “real deal choclate chip cookies” and loved them! I am new to the paleo and glutten free lifestyle by choice at age 74.
    although I have always been health conscience eating lots of fresh salads and less processed foods with sugars. However I have arthritis pain that comes with painful inflamation and read that a wheatless diet might help., I feel so much better not eating wheat, and have been off all grains for 1 month now. I made the “world famous bread from your cookbook and loved the way it cooks up so fluffy and tastes so good.(A previous attempt to bake grainless bread from another cookbook turned out oily and very dense and I couldn’t handle the way it smelled.

    The one thing that I am wondering is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to the way these breads smell?

    • Nicolec

      I have recently bought the cookbook and am excited to start cooking/baking. I have been diagnosed with multiple food allergies and have had anaphylactic reactions and now carry an epi pen. I have learned how to successfully substitute many foods in my recipes.. A lot of the recipes in the cookbook use numerous eggs.. Unfortunately, one of my food allergies is to eggs. I know how to substitute one egg with pretty good success, but I’m worried about how to substitute when there are multiple eggs- ie hidden vegi muffins. Any suggestions as I am new to using almond flour. Thank you 🙂

      • Catherine

        Have you tried the flax seed substitution? 1 Tablespoon flaxseed meal with 3 Tablespoons of water. I have tried it many times in muffins, cakes, even meatloaf, all with good results.

      • Alecia

        Have you tried duck eggs? I know a person who can’t eat chicken eggs but has no problem with duck eggs. They have a creamier yolk than chicken eggs, the whites are amazing for making meringues, and you can use them absolutely any way that you would otherwise eat chicken eggs. The only difference is that you cook at a lower temperature than chicken eggs when frying/scrambling/etc, and to hard boil them you boil for 8 minutes, take the pot off the heat, and leave the eggs covered to finish cooking for 20 more minutes.

        If you haven’t tried duck eggs and are interested, you can eat just a tiny morsel to start and see what happens, wait a couple days, try a little more, etc. – the same method by which one might find out if an unfamiliar plant is safe to eat if one is stuck in the wilderness in a survival situation. I think there’s a section on that in the army field manual. Also, genuinely free-ranged birds make much better eggs than anything you can find in the store, regardless of species, so it’s good to know where the eggs come from and how the ladies live. 🙂

  35. Mindy

    Hi Danielle, as I am a paleo newbie, could you please recommend some recipe staples to keep in my pantry to avoid frustration and multiple shopping trips? Thank you so much for your wonderful blog!

  36. Hippiephun

    With Passover around the corner I would like a grain free Matzo crackers and Matzo ball soup, do you have any recipes on those?

  37. Rob Wyatt

    I’ve been trying to find a coconut milk with no gums and no preservatives. It seems like every canned coconut milk has either one or the other. I’ve often made my own coconut milk using coconut flake, soaked in warm water, blended and filtered. It’s ok, but still not nearly as good as the canned coconut milk (taste and consistency). If you haven’t yet discovered it, I wanted to direct you to the Aroy-D brand. The brands you list above were my favorite canned milks to use as well, until I tried the Aroy-D. It claims to be 100% coconut milk. Nothing added. It comes in (very convenient) 1 cup cartons, not cans. I’ve been ordering from Amazon. Thought you might like to check it out.

  38. LaLeeRu

    Hi Danielle,
    I absolutely love your cookbook. We had friends visit from Italy recently and I made your ”braised chicken in artichoke-mushroom sauce” recipe and they were raving about it even after they arrived back to Tuscany. My husband was a bit skeptical about going Paleo at first, then after tasting your Pale waffles and declaring them to be the best waffles he had ever tasted, he asked ”caveman ate this?!” Then quickly added, ”I love them! Yes, let’s go completely Paleo.” So far, so good!
    I love your photographs, on the blog and in your book. My question is, which camera(s) do you use?
    Thank you and keep up the excellent work and congratulations on making Asher a big brother!
    Best regards,

  39. Kris Sigford

    I just made my first batch of almond milk from “Against All Grain”–love it, but wondering what to do with the leftover solids?

  40. Kris Sigford

    Hi–I made my first batch of almond milk this morning from the cookbook-it’s great! but what can I do with the almond solids leftover?

  41. maria

    Hi !! Is there any alternative to coconut flour or milk in recipes? I just can`t stand it 🙁

    • Danielle

      A good sub for coconut flour is arrowroot powder, as it has the same texture and consistency. For coconut milk, you can sub another non-dairy milk really well usually.

  42. Megan

    Hi Danielle I was just wondering if you do cross fit? It seems that all paleo bloggers do cross fit but I was trying to find someone who isn’t obsessed with cross fit. As much as I like the other blogs, it is hard for me to relate to them because I am not physically able to handle such an intense workout. I eat paleo-ish because of my food allergies/intolerances but I can’t workout like others because of my lyme disease. I guess I am just looking for hope that paleo can help me lose weight and maintain a healthy weight without intense cross fit workouts.

  43. Angela

    looking for the nutritional info for all your recipes, where can I find this?

  44. Claire

    Hi Danielle, have your cookbook – love it, was wondering about Great Lakes gelatin – do you use red or green label for thickening ?

  45. Alison King

    Please can you tell me what size your crockpot is? I think mine might be smaller than the one you use as the ingredients seem like they will be too for mine.

  46. Holly Bader

    I purchase the 5 oz. Thai Kitchen can of coconut milk, however most receipes only call for 1-2 tablesoons and the rest sits in the fridge until it spoils. How do you consume an entire can? Thanks again and before I purchased your latest cookbook I’ve relied fully on your FB posts for my weekly salad. Excited to try Waldorf next week!

    • Danielle

      Trina, red palm oil is not the same thing as palm shortening, and it is not a good sub for it. The best subs for palm shortening are lard, ghee, or grass fed butter. ~Eileen

  47. Tracey

    Ok. So last week I was sharing my life story with a group of people from church. I had Lupus and struggle still with Crohns. A friend in the room said she HAD to talk to me. She introduced me to you. I start my journey tomorrow! I am off to the health food store to begin! I am so hopeful. I am so thankful for your hard work and for your life story. I am sad that my medical doctors have never introduced me to the reality that diet and foods play. Quite frankly after reading today your site-I’m shocked and a little angry at them…I will let you know how it goes! Praying for food miracles! Thank you again for all your work!!

  48. Diane

    Hi, Danielle! I’m so excited that I found you and your books and blog…I’ve been struggling with my health for the last few months and have been to numerous drs, only to be told that I have anxiety and am given anti-anxiety meds! My blood tests seem fine, but I feel terrible and do struggle w/ anxiety. I’m hoping grain-free can help me. I’ve been gluten-free for awhile and have started going grain-free, but one thing I notice is that I feel weak and tired and wonder about the lack of carbs and is it normal to feel that way at first? (BTW, I love your granola recipe!)

    • Danielle

      Hi Diane, this is completely normal, often referred to as the “paleo flu”. The is because you are eating less carbohydrates and sugar. The good news is that it only lasts a short while, and if you can make you can make it through this sluggishness, you will end up feeling so much better! ~Eileen

  49. Molly Dunham-Friel

    I have had UC for 5 years now. I have gone through the up’s and downs like everyone else. This past year has been especially tough. I haven’t been drinking this year but have a few special occasions coming up and was hoping you might have a recommendation for types of alcohol that work better for UC. I know you have a margarita recipe does that tend to work better with UC vs beer/wine?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  50. Daniella Garcia

    I love your blog and follow you on Facebook for your great ideas and recipes. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens and I was told that a Mediterranean diet is the best diet to follow. Do you know of any good blogs similar to your that would give me some ideas for that? I’ve googled and searched but haven’t been too successful!! Thanks and love your recipes!

  51. Nicole

    Hi Danielle. I love your books and had the honor to meet you last year when you were in New York for the Celebrations book tour! On page 74, I wonder if you can say where you found those cute stemless wine glasses. I love the look! Thank you!

  52. Kim Andraschko

    I use your blacking seasoning for a rub when smoking. We have it on a chicken currently! Made us wonder if we could use it to make venison jerky? If so, how much would you use per pound of ground venison?

  53. Rebecca Barker Bishop

    I want to try your allergen free breakfast cookies but I have an allergy to bananas and vanilla. Is there something I can substitute for these?

  54. Pam

    I am starting this simple meals for every day life… Most are for 4 or 6 people. Is it easy to make them for only 2 people?

  55. Rita Wab

    For the strawberry donut recipe one of the ingredients is coconut butter the link is to Organic Creamed Coconut, is this correct?
    Please advise.

  56. Stephanie Wilkins

    So I’ve tried your banana bread recipe over and over and it always comes out too wet….even when I bake it for extra time. What’s going on? I really want to get it right. Otherwise, I love the book…

  57. Kelly Dillon

    I’ve been making dinners with the Against the Grain cookbook for the past year and it’s a hit for both my husband and I. So full of flavor. 🙂 But I’ve wanted to venture into the baking realm and yesterday was the first time that I tried the banana bread recipe. I followed the recipe to a tee and it came out as spongey in the middle and burnt on the outside. This was after cooking it for over an hour. Any pointers?

  58. Carol Ann Garner

    Hi Danielle-
    I was just wondering if you could advise me on adapting the “Crockpot Bison Mexican Stew” to the instant pot. Have you ever made this recipe in the instant pot?
    Carol Ann 🙂

  59. Danielle

    Nuts and seeds are considered Paleo! They contain healthy omega 3 and 6 fats. Tomatoes are also paleo. Both of these foods can give some people digestive discomfort so it totally depends on the person and what symptoms they have. Nightshades can cause an inflammation response for some people, but not everyone!

  60. Cindy Wiley

    A lot of your recipes have meats that are grilled; what type of grill do you use?

  61. Lindsey Brown

    Loving your cookbook! How long does the blueberry preserve last in fridge once made? Thank you!

  62. Cristina Iacobescu

    Hello Danielle,
    I found a gluten free recipe for eclairs but it is with rice flour. My question is instead of rice flour can I use coconut flour? Or do you have a recipe for eclairs?
    Thank you!

  63. Melanie Olsen

    Hi, I’ve tried making your “baked beans” recipe from your Celebrations cookbook and the pine nuts are not softening up as much as I think they should. We love the recipe, but if you have any suggestions as to how we could get them to come out softer, we would appreciate it. I’ve tried increasing the boiling time by 5 minutes and the baking time, but they are pretty firm in the middle. Thanks!

  64. JP Kelso

    I am sure buried somewhere deep in a blog, there is a discussion about white sweet potatoes. My question is, where do you buy them? I have been to all the organic stores in East Tennessee and have come up short. Is there a preferred online retailer I should use that won’t shred by wallet? I have all your books and I am dying to make some of the recipes that call for them! ;-D

    • Danielle

      hmm that’s so weird they don’t carry them. I get mine at Whole Foods- You can also try an Asian market or google your area for organic produce deliveries, there might be some farms that have them and have a delivery service

  65. Allison Whitener

    Do you have an online site that you recommend for the hard to purchase items? I love your recipes, but live in an area where our grocery stores aren’t really up to speed as far as nutrition. Thanks!

  66. Amanda Penny

    I have a sensitivity to coconut, can I sub almond flour and almond milk in most recipes?

  67. Danelle Wagner Hansen

    Hi! I keep trying to make the carrot cake and the cupcakes and it’s not turning out. They don’t rise like they should and the carrots turn green. Why????

  68. Jeanette Kjær Esberg

    Dear Danielle😊
    I have your first cookbook “against all grain” and have made world famous bread, and banana bread.
    I have chrons disease, and for about 15 years ago I got a stoma, my colon was removed and a little bit of my small intestine.
    I was very sick, you now how it is…
    The chrons also get in my lungs, and I got a lot of blood clots, in 2016 they removed them in my lungs.
    After that my stomach went crazy, stressed I guess.
    The doctors put me on biological medicine, and that helped, but now I have a intestine that is bleeding, and many pains, fever, so now I want to go all in, and take the whole 30, to see if that will help me.
    My question is: as I write to you I have a stoma so it is more deficult for me to eat a lot of vegetables and nuts! And my concern is how I get full, satisfied in my stomach, I have to eat more times a day, than other people, and I am very thin already, so I don’t want to loose wait?
    I live in Denmark, so there are a lot of things that we don’t have here, but I try to find it at Amazon.
    But it is so much more expensive here.
    Do you now how to eat when I have stoma?
    Anything will be a very big help for me, so I can get better.🙏🏼
    Thank you so much for you and your cookbooks 😊
    Best regards Jeanette from Denmark

  69. Corry Cande

    Please help! I LOVE your cookbooks – thank you, thank you, thank you! Today I tried the fluffy pancakes and no matter what I did, they burned quickly and when I would go to flip them they were runny and became a blobby mess. I know I must have done something wrong, but can’t put my finger on it. I would love guidance. Thank you!


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